PGA of america

PGA of America partnered with Oryx to re-build their digital platforms. Known to the general public for its premier golf events, and to the golfing community as a leader in career development, The PGA of America had become a veritable encyclopedia of golfing news, information and tools. But the question constantly facing the sports corporation, was how to make this wealth of learning and growth opportunity easily accessible to its ever-growing membership? 


OUr approach

Heading to the driving range for some inspiration, our team chewed over the discovery documents our research team had pulled together, discussing the core business challenge: how to help this sports mainstay build awareness of the myriad tools available to their membership, and hence drive further engagement in The PGA of America’s site?

We developed platform systems to enable easier access to the plethora of knowledge-based content, news, resources and critical information available to the membership. This information is not just “useful” content, but the education and tools needed to accelerate their members’ effectiveness within the industry and grow their professional careers and futures.

Do do this, we provided a volley of services, from the technical solution required to bring to life the digital content, to the creative and content strategies, SEO and Analytics and the Social Integration and Strategic Marketing required to spread the world of this newly available offering.



PGA Reach



The Outcome

With each new launch, America’s PGA saw more than 30% adoption rate, tripling their engagement and putting the news, information and tools members needed to grow their careers in the world of golf right at their finger tips.